Creating mutual trust – a decisive factor in working together!

Based on our long-standing, international consulting experience we are in the position to comprehensively assess executive personnel. We essentially take into consideration their career path and their experience and successes associated with it.

The performance given in the past is the best indication of how an individual will develop in professional terms in the future. Personality and qualifications are also to be taken into consideration. However, these mean relatively little on their own if they are not expressed in a more than averagely successful career path.

Determining suitable candidates is constantly the result of systematic research, a good network and numerous discussions with specialists and executive personnel which can be of help in solving specific consulting problems. The required confidentiality is maintained in every respect.

The individual phases of our consulting activity can be summarised as follows:

  • In an initial step we work out together with our client the problem to be solved and a jointly defined requirements profile. This discussion has to give as complete a picture as possible of the company situation, its organisational structure, acting person, targets aimed for, strengths and weaknesses as well as the concrete position to be filled.

  • During the second phase we identify candidates who could be qualified for the position concerned and hold the first personal discussions with them. Where it appears to make sense, individuals are also included who already work for our client’s company or who have been nominated by the company itself. The client receives detailed written reports on suitable candidates which give an impression of the respective personal and career background. This phase of consulting activity is concluded with direct discussions between our client, the candidates and us.

  • Carrying out a thorough check of the references provided by the candidate the client has chosen over the course of the discussions serves to strengthen or modify the impression jointly gained. Within the scope of checking the references in this way, we gain further information about the reputation the candidate enjoys in the sector concerned, about their working and management style, their character as well as their professional qualification in respect of the position to be filled.

  • Where desired by one or both parties, we will also provide support in the following contractual negotiations. Even after the successful conclusion of a contract, we are available in an advisory capacity to both the client and the candidate. A good and efficient consulting relationship is based on mutual trust between the client, the candidate and us.

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