There are many possible uses for management appraisals

Possible applications
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A management appraisal is a key success factor in the thorough preparation of personnel decisions such as:

External employee selection

Companies frequently attach major importance when recruiting personnel in particular to selling the company and the position offered in order to convince the external candidate to join the company. As a rule, companies have a defined recruitment process which also includes structured interviews. However, this process is frequently not carried out for which there can be many reasons: lack of time, qualification of the interviewer or simply the urgency to fill an open position. The company can now either train the interviewer and/or have an external management appraisal carried out.

The management appraisal is a meaningful supplement both for candidates and the company in particular in relation to top-level positions. The interview shows the candidate how seriously recruitments are regarded in the company and that the value of the employee is highly esteemed. Good candidates like the process as it suggests that good colleagues can be found in the company with whom working together is fun and brings success. The management appraisal report represents a good basis for discussion for the company in order to make a well-founded recruitment decision.

Personnel development

The company of course knows its employees. However, assessments are not carried out stringently by all superiors. Some superiors also feel uneasy in occasionally unpleasant employee discussions. The management level can get round this hurdle with an additional management appraisal or personnel development appraisal which is carried out externally and create the sound basis for an employee appraisal.

The candidates regard the appraisal as a challenge and the company’s appreciation of them. The company invests in them and develops future specialists and executive personnel from its own ranks. A management appraisal supports companies in this process via a well-founded assessment of the employee potential. Investments in executive development and training are managed with the help of targeted development recommendations.

Successor planning

Within the scope of the successor ruling the management appraisal gives a differentiated picture of the available employee potential in the company. The management level can in this way take forward-looking measures early on.

Strategic company reorientation

With strategic company reorientation in particular – such as an internationalisation strategy – the requirements made of executive staff change. The management appraisal provides in this process a building block for recruitment decisions and adequate personnel development.

Company mergers or acquisitions

In M&A or private equity situations in particular the management team is examined in a professional and structured way alongside carrying out a detailed operational audit. Available areas of competence are evaluated via the management appraisal and personnel decisions made objectively, transparently and soundly.

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